Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition of Large-Scale Programs in Global Health

Resource Type: Journal Article
Authors: James Bao, Daniela C Rodriguez, Ligia Paina, Sachiko Ozawa, Sara Bennett
Published: October 2015

Resource Description:

This article was originally published in the December 1, 2015 issue (vol. 3 no. 4) of Global Health: Science and Practice.

Monitoring and evaluating large-scale global health program transitions can strengthen accountability, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and promote learning about the transition process and how best to manage it. We propose a conceptual framework with 4 main domains relevant to transitions—leadership, financing, programming, and service delivery—along with guiding questions and illustrative indicators to guide users through key aspects of monitoring and evaluating transition. We argue that monitoring and evaluating transitions can bring conceptual clarity to the transition process, provide a mechanism for accountability, facilitate engagement with local stakeholders, and inform the management of transition through learning.



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