Mobile Money for Health Case Study: D-Tree Tanzania

Resource Type: Case Studies
Authors: Health Finance and Governance (HFG)
Published: 10/31/2015

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This case study is one of 14 case studies profiled in the Mobile Money for Health Case Study Compendium.

D-tree International is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of healthcare with the use of innovative technology. D-tree established a program in Zanzibar, Tanzania to help frontline community health workers provide high quality maternal health care and adequately refer women with high-risk conditions and obstetric emergencies to health facilities. The program currently has 208 trained traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and community health workers (CHWs) who serve a network of 4,500 women who have enrolled in the program. In November 2011, D-tree was awarded a grant through Grand Challenges Round 1 and launched a program in Zanzibar that offers mobile-enabled clinical guides to TBAs to help them treat women and identify women who should be referred to health facilities. D-tree also forged a partnership with Zantel, the largest mobile phone operator in Zanzibar, and Etisalat to incorporate an SMS-mobile money payment system into the program. Phase II started with a Round II grant in late 2012. The mobile money payment system used by D-tree incentivizes timely and appropriate referrals.


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