HFG Mali Closes

June 22, 2018 – Transition was the dominant theme at HFG’s “Closure ceremony” in Mali on June 22 under the chairmanship of the Secretary General of the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene (MSHP) and coordinated by the Direction of Planning and Statistics (CPS). The event focused on use of HFG technical work for Mali’s future plans to achieve UHC with the government leading the presentations. Ms. Karen Koprince, Deputy Director, Health Office, USAID, Ms. Lisa Nichols, Mali Country Program Manager for HFG, as well as 40 representatives of technical and financial partners and key actors of the Mali health system. A representative of the Alliance for the Private Sector and other private sector actors also participated. The ceremony, held at the MSHP, was led by Dr. Coumare, Secretary General MSHP who appreciated HFG’s mission to support the strengthening of the Malian health system to address the health needs of its population. Ms. Koprince also highlighted that HFG effectively supported the Ministry of Health in strengthening its strategy towards Universal Health Coverage, recently adopted in Mali. USAID welcomes the transition of HFG’s contributions to the health system and the ownership of project results by the MSHP. HFG activities are transitioning to government leadership, private sector institutions, and other development partners who were in the meeting such as the World Bank.

After the opening speeches a presentation was made by HFG Mali COP, Dr. Bokar Toure, who presented a synthesis of the evaluation of the Mali Health System (HSA) and the assessment of the SEGAL’s office. Dr. Yattara of the MSHP/CPS presented the private for-profit health sector assessment (PSA) which included a presentation of the compiled national database of private providers which will be maintained by the MSHP. Presentations were also made by the MSHP/CPS experts on the support to the National Health Accounts secondary analysis and support for the thematic groups for Mali’s health development strategy (PRODESS). The presentation was followed by discussions moderated by the Director of the CPS, Aly Diop, during which the heads of the various MSHP departments that had been supported by HFG and other partners such as WHO and the World Bank expressed their satisfaction with the support and collaboration with HFG.

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