HFG Guinea Closes

May 30, 2018 – The official closing ceremony of the Health Finance and Governance project took place in Conakry, Guinea. Organized under the theme “Discussion of results, achievements and perspectives,” this closing ceremony of the HFG project was chaired by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sékou Condé. In attendance were the USAID representative, Dr. Souleymane Diallo, Program Director; the Chair of the Health Commission in the National Assembly, Dr. Ben Youssouf Kéïta; the WHO’s representative, Dr. Georges Alfred Kizerbo; and the Chief of Cooperation at the European Union, M. Gerald Hatler.  More than 110 participants were present during the ceremony, including members of Parliament, high-level officials from the Ministry of Health, medical school representatives, directors of national hospitals, technical and financial partners, and members of civil society. The outcomes of the project were presented by the Chief of Party, Mr. Jean Damascène Butera, and supported by a video projection of testimonials from beneficiaries of the project interventions.

After two years of activities (June 2016-June 2018) in Guinea, the achievements of the HFG project were much appreciated by the various stakeholders:

“The HFG project was a real catalyst.” WHO’s country representative, Dr. Georges Alfred Kizerbo

“A step was taken, it is now up to us to continue and amplify the achievements.” Dr. Mohamed Lamine Yansane, Senior adviser to the Minister

“HFG made a contribution that considerably improved the budgetary integrity of the Ministry of Health.” Dr. Fanta Mady Kaba, Department of Financial Affairs, MoH.

“Beyond the MoH financial staff, all MoH personnel should be trained in financial practice.” Dr. Fanta Mady Kaba, Department of Financial Affairs, MoH.

“The collaboration between the people’s elected representatives, the government, and civil society is certainly a winning combination.” A participant in the workshop.

“The inspection of the health structures is effective, thanks to the project’s capacity building efforts for the Inspector General’s Office. From now on, the wages of all absentees from work will be blocked.” Damani Keita, Inspector General.

“The Ministry of Health now knows that the Health Commission of the National Assembly will be there, hanging over them like the sword of Damocles to see how the budget allocated to them is managed all the way down to the base.” Honorable Ben Youssouf Keïta, Chair of the Health Commission of the National Assembly.

Two discussion panels were organized in order to discuss the outcomes of the project and the sustainability of project achievements.  These panels showed that the HFG project has laid the foundation for improving health governance. USAID pledged to continue its efforts by funding another project aimed at strengthening citizen participation in health governance. The European Union has taken into account many of the activities supported by the HFG project in designing their new PASA2 project. The continuation of the transition plan developed by HFG and the numerous consultation meetings between these two entities will ensure the sustainability of many of the achievements and the continuity of support in these areas.

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