Health Systems 20/20 Website Retires

Health Systems 2020 logoUSAID’s Health Systems 20/20 Project website was retired in December, 2014. The Health Systems 20/20 project was the predecessor to the Health Finance and Governance Project.

Health Systems 20/20 documents are available via the USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse (USAID DEC). The top 100 most popular documents were also migrated to the HFG website and are available under Publications.

Launched in 2006, Health Systems 20/20 responded to more than 250 activity requests in 51 countries, and ended in 2012. By supporting countries to improve their health financing, governance, operations, and institutional capacities, Health Systems 20/20 helped eliminate barriers to the delivery and use of priority health care, such as HIV/AIDS services, tuberculosis treatment, reproductive health services, and maternal and child health care.



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