Eight Strategies that Strengthen Health Systems Worldwide

First Page of Eight Strategies that Strengthen Health Systems Worldwide BriefResource Type: Brief
Authors: Health Systems 20/20
Published: 11/1/2011

Resource Description:

Countries need strong, resilient health systems that are able to provide high-quality health services to their citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Health Systems 20/20 collaborates with our counterparts to develop lasting solutions to strengthen their health systems. For the countries where we work, USAID, and the global health community, Health Systems 20/20 is the change agent that leverages data-driven insights with deep expertise to build strong, sustainable health systems that deliver the health care people need.

By following eight strategies to improve the governance, operations, financing, health management information systems, and capacity building components of health systems, the project enables USAID partner countries to move closer to their health goals. The new Better Health Systems: Strategies that Work series will explore these strategies, why and how they work, and their impact worldwide.

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