Developing Key Performance Indicators – A Toolkit for Health Sector Managers

Resource Type: Tool
Authors: Steve Rozner
Published: 12/2013

Cover Page:Developing Key Performance IndicatorsResource Description:

This is one of four tools within the Toolkit for Ministries of Health to Work More Effectively with Ministries of Finance.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) represent a point of convergence between ministries of health and ministries of finance or, where separate, the central budget authority. This tool provides useful guidance for the health sector on developing and using KPIs and building these into the budget process. Specifically, it offers government managers responsible for planning, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E)—particularly in central or federal ministries of health—guidelines and tips for thinking strategically about program planning, defining performance indicators, setting KPI targets, and harnessing performance information.

The tool was piloted in Nigeria with the National Agency to Control AIDS and revised based on feedback from stakeholders.



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