Data for Efficiency: A Tool for Assessing Health Systems’ Resource Use Efficiency – A Toolkit for Health Sector Managers

Resource Type: Tool
Authors: Eunice Heredia-Ortiz
Published: 12/2013

Cover Page: Data for Efficiency: A Tool for Assessing Health Systems' Resource Use EfficiencyResource Description:

This is one of four tools within the Toolkit for Ministries of Health to Work More Effectively with Ministries of Finance.

Measuring efficiency across institutions and time is critical for improving health systems’ performance. This tool outlines key data categories and indicators necessary for assessing efficiency in the use of resources. It focuses on how to generate data and make planning and management decisions around sector-wide efficiency.

This tool is intended to help health program managers and administrators to better understand and assess efficiency in the delivery of health care services. In response to the complex task of measuring and assessing efficiency, this tool outlines key efficiency indicators in the use of resource inputs in the following areas:

  • deployment of health personnel;
  • utilization of medical products, vaccines and technologies; and
  • use of health facilities and hospital care.


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