Benchmarking Costs for Non-Clinical Services in Botswana’s Public Hospitals

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Peter Stegman, Elizabeth Ohadi, Heather Cogswell, Carlos Avila and Mompati Buzwani
Published: April 30, 2015

Benchmarking Costs for Botswana Hospitals screenshotResource Description:

Botswana’s health sector has embarked on a broad program of reforms and, to this end, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has developed the Health Services Outsourcing Strategy and Programme 2011-2016. This planning document emerges from major strategic thrusts outlined in the National Development Plan 10 and the revised National Health Policy. Decision makers at the MOH, as well as hospital managers and others involved in implementing the outsourcing strategy at the facility level, need to know, among other things, how much the provision of non-clinical services is already costing the government under the existing arrangements. The study described here intended to support the implementation of the outsourcing plan by generating actual costs for the delivery of four non-clinical services that are, or will be, the focus of future outsourcing efforts: cleaning, laundry, catering, and grounds maintenance. The study looked at costs in five public sector hospitals: Athlone District Hospital, Deborah Retief Memorial Hospital, Gumare Primary Hospital, Goodhope Primary Hospital, and Mahalapye District Hospital.

An analysis of the costs and cost drivers of delivering non-clinical services in hospitals that are not currently outsourcing service delivery provides a cost benchmark. This will enable MOH decision makers and implementers to better understand the costs and cost drivers of non-clinical services and to compare current costs with estimated private sector costs, effectively negotiate contracts, and move toward greater efficiency and cost-savings. Further, cost benchmarks will provide hospitals with the critical data needed to understand not only the cost foundation of outsourced services but also more about what they can expect to receive for that cost, such as the type, quantity, and quality of service or product they are purchasing.


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