HFG Project Partners

Abt Associates works to improve health outcomes by designing and implementing evidence-based policies and interventions, strengthening institutions and organizations, and encouraging innovation. Abt’s collaborations with public and private sector partners in more than 50 countries have produced meaningful and measurable change: more effective and equitable health systems; higher-quality health care services; and better health.

Broad Branch Associates (BBA) is a woman-owned firm committed to strengthening health systems by catalyzing behaviors that result in better health. BBA is a recognized leader in the design, implementation, and evaluation of cutting-edge finance mechanisms that link payment of providers and consumers to improved health. Through high-impact research and technical excellence, BBA aims to influence international policy decisions and improve aid effectiveness for low- and middle-income countries.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), the largest public health institution in the world, is committed to academic excellence, premier research, and developing public health solutions. Since 1916, the JHSPH community of faculty, students, and partner organizations has made significant contributions to the world’s most critical health needs, helping to eradicate smallpox, make water safe to drink, improve child survival
through improved nutrition, and reduce the spread of HIV.

Results for Development (R4D)r4d logo long develops inventive solutions that low- and middle-income countries can harness to overcome the obstacles that face them. R4D has strong partnerships with leaders in governments, donor and nongovernmental organizations, and development and aid agencies. Together with these key players, R4D serves as the critical intersection between the research that generates evidence and the actions required to apply
recommendations around the world, thus reducing
poverty and improving lives.

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Avenir Health, formerly Futures Institute, is a global health organization that contributes to social and economic development by creating and institutionalizing demographic, epidem iological, and costing models that facilitate strategic planning, goal-setting, and definition of objectives. Futures Institute collaborates with both governmental and nongovernmental organizations and businesses both in the U.S. and abroad to improve policies and programs.

Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. DAI seeks to transforms ideas into action, and action into impact, ensuring implemented solutions align with varying cultural, political, and economic environments. To maximize the impact of global health solutions, DAI incorporates the governance and economic growth sectors, thus leveraging key non-health resources to save lives and improve health.

rti logoRTI International is been committed to strengthening health systems by building institutional capacity, promoting evidence-based decision making and accountability, and increasing transparency within national governments, nongovernmental organizations, and other key stakeholders. RTI seeks to improve the policy environment for health interventions by providing high-quality research, training in health-policy assessment and analysis, strategic development, advocacy capacity building, and health impact and projection modeling.

logo-trg-footerTraining Resources Group (TRG) is dedicated to improving the performance of people and organizations. TRG works with federal and state agencies, international organizations, and nonprofit organizations to improve organizational performance and build skills among staff through the design and implementation of innovative training processes.  TRG has collaborated with USAID-funded health programs for over 20 years in the areas of organizational capacity building, stakeholder participation, partnerships, and training development.

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