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Health Service Utilization and Expenditure Survey among People Living with HIV

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This is a report of a national survey that was conducted in September-October 2016 to generate evidence for the sixth Ethiopian Health Accounts (HA VI), which estimated health expenditures for 2013/14. The survey collected data on health service utilization and […]


Україна має найвищий показник поширеності ВІЛ-інфекції серед країн Європи. Медичні послуги з ВІЛ в Україні здебільшого надаються через вертикально структуровану систему, і хоча вони орієнтовані на ключові групи населення, така

Final Report on the Cost-Effectiveness of Providing HIV Testing and Counseling Using Rapid Tests at the Primary Health Care Level in Ukraine

HIV service delivery in Ukraine is a vertically structured system, targeting key populations, but compromising efficiency and access to care. HIV testing and counseling (HTC) service is especially meaningful in Ukraine, where of the total estimated number of 238,000 people living with HIV (PLHIV), only 138,000 were registered for HIV care in January 2015. Currently, […]

Ukrainian: ПРОЕКТ HFG УКРАЇНА ЧЕРНІГІВСЬКИЙ ПІЛОТНИЙ ПРОЕКТ : Підсумкова презентація по результатах впровадження проекту”

ПРОЕКТ USAID «ФІНАНСУВАННЯ І УПРАВЛІННЯ В СФЕРІ ОХОРОНИ ЗДОРОВ’Я» ПРОЕКТ HFG УКРАЇНА ЧЕРНІГІВСЬКИЙ ПІЛОТНИЙ ПРОЕКТ. Підсумкова презентація по результатах впровадження проекту. Представлена 11 березня 2015 року у м.Чернігів, (оновлена 29 квітня 2015)

Sustaining the HIV and AIDS Response in the Countries of the OECS: Regional Investment Case Analysis

Resource Type: Report Authors: Matt Hamilton, Stephen Musau Published: 12/2014 Resource Description: In 2014, the six countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines developed HIV and AIDS Investment Case Briefs, with the support of USAID’s Health Finance […]

Sustaining the HIV/AIDS Response in St. Lucia: Investment Case Brief

Resource Type: Report Authors: Matt Hamilton, Stephen Musau Published: November 2014 Resource Description: The HIV prevalence in St. Lucia is estimated at 0.58%1 based on reports from public and private laboratories on clients tested. This estimate is very likely an understatement given that some who engage in risky behavior do not go for testing and others also choose […]

Sustaining the HIV and AIDS Response in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Investment Case Brief

National surveillance reports estimate that there were about 649 persons living with HIV in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the end of 2011, which translates to 1.2% of the adult population (15-49 years) or 0.7% of the total population. The epidemic is male-dominant, illustrated by the fact that the cumulative case reporting from 1984-2013 […]

Sustaining the HIV/AIDS Response in Dominica: Investment Case

Dominica is an upper-middle-income country in the eastern Caribbean with a population of approximately 72,293. HIV prevalence is estimated at 0.75%. The epidemic is male-dominated, with 70% of those infected being male. While data indicates that the adults aged 25-49 are most affected by HIV and AIDS, incidence trends indicate a higher rate of infection […]

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