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Practice Brief: Implementing Pro-Poor Universal Health Coverage – Lessons from Country Experience

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Gavin Yamey and David Evans Published: November 2015 Resource Description: Universal health coverage (UHC)—ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health services when needed—can be a vehicle for improved equity, health, financial well-being, and economic development. In its 2013 report, Global Health 2035, the Commission on Investing in Health made the case that pro-poor pathways towards UHC, which target the poor […]

Using Evidence to Design Health Benefit Plans For Stronger Health Systems: Lessons from 25 Countries

Low- and middle-income country governments face competing health priorities as they try to increase their populations’ access to affordable healthcare with limited resources. Faced with difficult choices, how can governments align their spending with health system objectives? One common policy instrument governments are using is the health benefit plan (HBP), defined here as a pre-determined, […]

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