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Linen closet at hospital in Botswana before (messy) and after (clean).

Small Management Changes Lead to Big Improvements at Botswana Hospital

Given the fluctuating value of Botswana’s two primary sources of revenue, diamonds and cattle, and the expected decline in donor assistance, the Government of Botswana is actively working to increase efficiencies in its health sector. To save money and maximize its resources, the government designed and implemented outsourcing agreements at seven major hospitals throughout the […]

Developing Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills in Botswana

To increase the efficiency and quality of health services, the Government of Botswana has launched an ambitious plan to expand public-private partnerships in the health system. As part of these reforms, the Ministry of Health has started to outsource non-clinical services, including laundry, cleaning, food services, and security, at several major hospitals across the country. […]

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