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September 2016: Domestic Resource Mobilization in Nigeria | Invite: Technical Briefing Thursday 9/22 |  Empowering Ethiopian Women with Health Insurance 

Nigerian Radio Advocates for More Domestic Funding for HIV and AIDS
September 22 Technical Briefing Session | The Joint Learning Network: Spotlight on Ghana
How Ethiopia is Empowering Women Through Community-Based Health Insurance
Effective, Efficient, Accountable: Ministries Discuss Domestic Resource Mobilization
Implementing Universal Health Coverage on the Ground: The View from Four Countries
HFG At Work: Noël Nahounou
Rapid Assessment of TB Payment and PFM Systems in the Philippines: Lessons and Policy Implications
Building the Organizational Capacity of Health Systems Global: From Start-Up to Performance

newsletter 14 previewJuly 2016: Health Systems Benchmarking Tool | Stronger Health Governance for Côte d’Ivoire | Mobilizing Financing for MCH in Cameroon 

USAID Launches Innovative Tool to Benchmark Health Systems
Côte d’Ivoire: Stronger Health Governance to Fight Emerging Health Emergencies
Partnership to Mobilize Local Financing for Maternal, Child Health in Cameroon
Training on Decentralization in the Health Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Setting the Stage for Health Care Financing Reforms in Four Nigerian States
How Can Health Accounts Inform Health Sector Investments? Lessons from Country Applications
HFG At Work: Jocelyene Nkongolo
Follow the Money: Making the Most of Limited Health Resources
Rapid Analytical Review and Assessment of Health System Opportunities and Gaps in Indonesia
Mobile Money Options to Facilitate Payment of Incentives in Senegal’s RBF Program

newsletter 13May 2016: Improving Data Quality in Haryana | HIV and AIDS Program Sustainability in Vietnam and Nigeria | Demystifying UHC

Haryana Health Officials Praise New Geographic Information System
Sustaining Vietnam’s HIV and AIDS Programs
Two Nigerian States See Increased Budget Allocations for HIV and AIDS Programs
New Tools to Help Demystify Universal Health Coverage
Malaria Control Interventions and Broader Health System Implications
HFG At Work: Fred Rosensweig
Evaluating the Cost-effectiveness of a Mobile Decision Support Tool in Malawi
A retrospective review of the Honduras AIN-C program guided by a community health worker performance logic model

newsletter 12 longApril 2016: Tax Reform and Domestic Resource Mobilization | HSS Indicators | World TB Day

Tax Reform as a Strategy to Mobilize Additional Resources for Health
Filling Gaps in Tuberculosis Service Delivery
Monitoring Health Systems Strengthening Programs: Compendium of Indicators
Financial Protection and Improved Access to Health Care: Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop Finding Solutions to Common Challenges
Workshop Better Equips USAID/Indonesia and Partners to Engage in UHC Dialogue
HFG At Work: Dr. Gafar Alawode
The Governance of Quality: Defining Experiences and Success Factors in Institutional Roles and Relationships
Leveraging Performance-based Incentive Programs to Strengthen Civil Society Monitoring of Health Care Providers

February 2016: Domestic Resource Mobilization in South Africa & Nigeria | Assessing Guatemala’s Health System | New Project Director

Health System Assessment Released at Critical Time for Guatemala
Additional Domestic Resources to Scale-Up the HIV and TB Response in South Africa
Resource Mobilization Strategy Sets Nigeria’s Rivers State on Track to Sustain HIV and AIDS Response
Training State Officials to Monitor Health Information Systems in India’s Haryana and Punjab States
Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition of Health Programs: New Guide Released
HFG At Work: Dr. Bob Fryatt
Implementing Pro-Poor Universal Health Coverage: Lessons from Country Experience
Evaluating the Costs and Efficiency of Integrating Family Planning Services into HIV and AIDS Services in Zambia
Viral-Load Point-of-Care Technologies to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation

December 2015: Celebrating UHC| Media & Governance| Implementation Research

Universal Health Coverage Day: Webinar and Publications
VIDEO: Tackling the Challenge of Financial Sustainability – Ghana’s NHIA 
Media Can Highlight Link Among Health Outcomes, Finance, and Governance
Vietnam: Quantifying Needs and Resources for HIV and AIDS
Implementation Research for UHC in Practice – Lessons Learned in Myanmar and Indonesia
HFG At Work: Chris Lovelace
Mobile Money for Health Case Study Compendium
Production and Use of Health Accounts in India: What Can We Learn from the Experience so Far?

October 2015: Health Accounts News | Webinar: UHC Reforms in West Africa | Peru’s New Health Management Online Platform

Championing Sustainability, Namibia Funds Health Accounts
Webinar: Translating Evidence to Policy – UHC Reforms in Francophone Africa
Peru: “Gestión en Salud” Toolkit Delivered to University of San Marcos
USAID Global Health Assistant Administrator Praises Ethiopia’s Community-based Health Insurance
HFG Governance Experts Participate in #GovernHealth Twitter Chat
Burundi’s Health Accounts Data Underline Need for Health Financing Reforms
HFG At Work: Heather Cogswell
Namibia 2012/13 Health Accounts Report
Evaluation of Community-Based Health Insurance Pilot Schemes in Ethiopia: Final Report
Experiences in Outsourcing Nonclinical Services Among Public Hospitals in Botswana

September 2015: Linking HSS Interventions to Health Outcomes | Botswana Hospital Outsourcing | Using Evidence to Design HBPs

Groundbreaking Report Links HSS Interventions to Health Outcomes
Botswana Costing Study: Outsourcing Adds Value, Boosts Quality
Using Evidence to Design Health Benefit Plans for Stronger Health Systems
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Successful in Global Fund Bid 
HFG at Work: Dr. Benjamin Johns
Essential Package of Health Services Country Snapshot Series: 24 Priority Countries
Policy Primer: Using Health Accounts to End Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths

July 2015:Engaging Civil Society to Improve Health | HRH in Haryana | Webinar: Translating Evidence into Action

How can Governments, Donors Involve Civil Society to Improve Health?
Remedying Urgent Health Worker Challenges in Haryana, India
Revenue Retention Improves Quality of Care at Addis Ababa Health Center
Learning Exchange with Taiwan Builds Confidence, Cooperation in Ghana’s NHIA
Minding the HIV and AIDS Financing Gap: HFG at Work in Nigeria
Translating Evidence to Policy: Learning from the Chilean Health Benefits Plan Development Process
Applying Lessons Learned to PEPFAR Transitions in the Caribbean
Bangladesh: Tracking Urban Health Expenditures

May 2015: Haiti’s Health Financing Conference | Improvements at Botswana Hospitals | CBHI in Ethiopia

Haiti’s Health Financing Conference A Success
Small Management Changes Lead to Big Improvements at Botswana Hospital
Ethiopia’s Minister of Health Applauds Community-Based Health Insurance
Data Drives Decisions to Increase Number of Health Workers in Swaziland
Recap and Resources: LAC Economics and Health Financing Course
Exploring New Sources of Revenue for Health: Filling the Gap
Entry Point Mapping: A Tool to Promote Civil Society Engagement on Health Finance and Governance
Model to Estimate Health Insurance Liability for Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam (2015-2020)

April 2015: Updates from HFG | Kyrgyzstan TB Hospitals | Ghana M&E Workshop

Kyrgyzstan Modernizes TB Hospital Financing
Ghana Health Insurance Officials Hone Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
SAVE THE DATE: Financing Health Care in Haiti
Understanding Health Accounts: A Primer for Policymakers
Understanding Client Preferences to Increase Demand at Bangladesh Clinics

Newsletter Header: Haiti Nursing ProgramFebruary 2015:Haiti Rebuilds Nursing Workforce | Country Progress toward UHC | Domestic Innovative Financing for Health<

Haiti Takes Steps to Rebuild Nursing Workforce
Accelerating Country Progress towards UHC
Domestic Innovative Financing for Health
Ethiopia HSS Case Study Makes Top Ten

December 2014: Burundi Strengthens HIV/AIDS Programs | Win-Win Solutions in Botswana

Leading Burundi’s HIV/AIDS Response
Ghana Reviews Insurance Benefits Package
Developing Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills in Botswana
Bridging the Gap between Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance

September 2014: HFG @ #HSR2014 | Governance Gaps: Generating Evidence

Accelerating Evidence Generation for Governance Contributions to Health Outcomes
Cape Town Symposium Highlights People-Centered Health Systems
Measuring Progress towards UHC: HFG’s Fifth Brown Bag Discussion
HFG’s Ukraine Team Pilots Groundbreaking HIV Service Integration Model

May 2014: Introducing the HFG Project Newsletter

About HFG: What is the HFG Project?
Four Years Later: Rebuilding Haiti’s Health System
Ethiopia Scales Up Community-based Health Insurance
Report Analyzes Africa’s Health Financing Outlook



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