Poltava Governor Recognizes HFG’s Successes for Hospital Sector in Ukraine

Head of the Oblast Health Department Dr. Lysak addresses the audience, highlighting the importance of HFG’s work in Poltava.

On February 21st, 2018, on invitation from the Governor of Poltava Oblast, Ukraine, HFG and USAID took part in the Annual Health Department Board Meeting. Aimed at discussing current progress of health reform in the region and reporting achievements for 2017, this meeting brought together regional and local authorities, heads of local and district councils and administrations, and head doctors from all 69 regional, district and city hospitals of Poltava Oblast.

Central Ukraine’s Poltava Oblast, with a population of nearly 1.5 million, is one of HFG’s four geographic pilots in the country. Since 2015, HFG has worked in Ukraine to design and pilot analytical information systems and introduce cost accounting to the country’s hospitals. HFG developed and introduced a database which includes dashboards that allow hospitals and health departments to see comprehensive patient statistics and cross-walk data on cases treated with cost information. Today, with the click of a button, health departments and hospitals can see analytical graphs on what types of patients have been hospitalized, at which facility, and for how long. Participating health departments are using the data received to make decisions on streamlining inpatient facilities for better patient care. The Ministry of Health on the national level has recognized the importance of HFG’s work, and in December 2017 the methodology used in HFG’s pilots was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers for national roll out.

Poltava Oblast Governor Valeriy Holovko takes questions from the media following the presentation of HFG’s work.

HFG was represented at the Poltava Board Meeting by Country Director Olga Zues and team, who presented the intermediate results of HFG’s Poltava pilot activity. Session participants reviewed and discussed several HFG-prepared analytical documents: Assessment of Hospital Performance based on Cost Accounting Analysis and Discharged Patient Data and individualized facility-level Cost Accounting Analyses, prepared for each hospital. Hospital and health system representatives expressed great interest in the material, which included data from the online databases designed by HFG for the Ukrainian hospital sector.

The Oblast Governor, Valeriy Holovko, expressed his appreciation for the steps the healthcare sector has taken in the region and stressed that the region is a flagship for health reform in the country. He thanked HFG for its important work in helping Poltava’s health department move the region’s health reform forward. Dr. Victor Lysak, Head of Poltava Regional Health Department, described main achievements and challenges Poltava faces in reforming the health care sector, noting that “a new healthcare system is being created in the region today; the public health system is undergoing capacity strengthening; electronic document management is being implemented, and the health financing is getting more effective.” He continued, linking the work of the HFG Project in Poltava with the reforms taking place at the national level. According to Ukraine’s national Healthcare Financing Reform Concept, beginning in 2020, the entire inpatient sector will implement a case-based payment system, based on diagnosis-related groups (DRGs). This is in contrast to the current payment system, based on line item inputs (number of beds, staff, and food). Dr. Lysak explained that “HFG’s analysis of hospital effectiveness clearly outlines which hospitals are at risk [of going under when the new financial system is implemented] and need to use the available analysis to improve their effectiveness in advance of the 2020 introduction of DRG payment.”

All 69 hospitals in Poltava Oblast are currently working with individualized facility-level analytical reports prepared by HFG, to improve their performance and optimize their work, which will help them prepare for the DRG payment system.

Head of Oblast Health Department Dr. Lysak presents on the joint work of HFG and the Health Department. The slide designed by the Oblast Administration reads, “A new system of health care is being created in the oblast”.

For more information, please see the short video (in Ukrainian) of the Poltava Oblast Board Meeting where HFG’s work was highlighted. This video was put together by the Oblast Administration Press Center.


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