Lessons from Implementing Public Financial Management Activities in the Health Sector

Resource Type: Technical Brief
Authors: Meera Suresh, Meredith Lathrop, Marty Makinen
Published: September 2018

Resource Description: Over the past five years, the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project has supported over 35 countries and programs in their efforts to strengthen public financial management (PFM) systems. Activities have been tailored to address key priorities within a health system context, and have ranged from improving financial data systems to conducting costing exercises, financial analyses, and capacity-building workshops. Across these activities, several lessons have emerged.

Insights in this brief stem from analysis of over 200 HFG financing activities; interviews with stakeholders from Ukraine and Vietnam; and experience from cross-cutting program activities. These lessons are shared as a resource for fellow implementing partners, country practitioners, and donor agencies. As the project ends, this brief considers the global context and established frameworks for PFM alongside the contributions of the HFG experience, and suggests a way forward.

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