Final Report on the Cost-Effectiveness of Providing HIV Testing and Counseling Using Rapid Tests at the Primary Health Care Level in Ukraine

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Olena Doroshenko, Lisa Tarantino, Peter Cowley, and Ben Johns
Published: 4/30/2015

ukraine hiv 1Resource Description:

HIV service delivery in Ukraine is a vertically structured system, targeting key populations, but compromising efficiency and access to care. HIV testing and counseling (HTC) service is especially meaningful in Ukraine, where of the total estimated number of 238,000 people living with HIV (PLHIV), only 138,000 were registered for HIV care in January 2015. Currently, HTC is available mainly at polyclinics, located in rayon (district) centers and cities, in specialized offices for HTC provision. HIV is mainly diagnosed using ELISA tests. High HIV prevalence in key populations, high levels of loss to follow up after diagnosis, and undiagnosed HIV cases underpin the need to improve access and the existing continuum of HIV care in Ukraine.

Information on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of HIV testing and counseling strategies is scarce globally and absent for Ukraine. In Ukraine, HFG worked with the Chernigiv Oblast Administration, the Ukraine Ministry of Health, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and other partners to design and implement a pilot model of HTC using rapid HIV tests as a service offered at primary care facilities by non-specialized primary care physicians. The program was implemented in 2014 at 30 primary health care (PHC) facilities in the Chernigiv Region of Ukraine.


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