Feasibility Study: Integration of Services into the Health System of Ukraine

Cover Page: Feasibility Study: Integration of Services into the Health System of UkraineResource Type: Report
Authors: Peter Cowley and Baktygul Akkazieva
Published: 9/27/2012

Resource Description:

Starting in 2010, Ukraine has made some bold steps in implementing health reform activities in the four pilot regions of the country. However, these health reform activities do not include any link to needed reform in the delivery of HIV/AIDS services in Ukraine. Previous studies by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Health Systems 20/20 project and studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that HIV/AIDS care is delivered in such a way that it contributes to stigmatization of HIV patients by not allowing the primary health care (PHC) system of the Ukraine health system to address even their most basic clinical needs. Furthermore, the continuation of a completely vertical HIV/AIDS prevention and care system will come under even more scrutiny considering the likelihood that international funding for Ukraine based HIV/AIDS activities will diminish in the future.

The need for integrating HIV/AIDS services more fully into PHC is immediate since many innovative tools for making integration possible are now being tested in PHC health reform sites. Lessons learned from implementing these tools could be shared from health reform sites to sites where health managers are moving towards better integration of HIV/AIDS services into PHC efforts. This study is a natural step in assisting the Ukrainian government’s wish to make its HIV/AIDS response more cost-efficient, less stigmatizing, and more effective.

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