How Facilities Earn their Keep: Provider Payment for Quality TB Services

Join us for a Satellite Session at the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Liverpool: How Facilities Earn their Keep: Provider Payment for Quality TB Services Thursday, October 27, 2016 5:30-7:00 PM  BST Session Room 11B

Join us for an interactive talk show!

Wondering how to make the model of TB treatment in your country more effective and efficient?

In this session, we take a look at why training, drug management, lab work, and ACSM are just not enough to move the needle, unless we also incentivize providers to treat TB effectively.

The truth is, if TB is not at the table when national health financing reforms are being crafted in your country, TB will de facto end up with a smaller piece of the budget pie. Changes in the ways that health care providers are paid can steer care in the right direction and, in turn, help remedy TB service delivery barriers. Effective payment for TB treatment can encourage providers to treat according to treatment protocols and help keep patients in the continuum of care.

Our speakers will discuss the case study of Kyrgyzstan—where TB payment has actually been restructured—the current situation in Ukraine, and applicability of strategic purchasing of TB services to other regions of the world. Please join our panel of WHO and USAID specialists, as well as local experts for this lively discussion.

 What the heck is provider payment and why should I care about it for TB?Dr. Peter Cowley, WHO Caribbean Region

Process of developing a new payment system in the Kyrgyz Republic and how the payment system is influencing TB service delivery systemsMr. Alexandr Katsaga,  Independent Consultant/DRG Expert and Dr. Rakhat Cholurova, USAID Defeat TB Project, Kyrgyz Republic

TB control and the link to health financing in UkraineDr. Yana Terleieva, Ukrainian Centers for Disease Control

TB models of care on the WHO European Region: association with treatment outcomes?Dr. Martin van den Boom, WHO Europe

About the Speakers

p-cowley_150x150Peter Cowley
Dr. Cowley is the Health Systems and Services Advisor for the PAHO/WHO Office for Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Countries. He has worked and lived for over 20 years in: Uganda, Cambodia, Republic of Georgia, and Barbados. Dr. Cowley’s specialty is the interface between medicine and health economics. He was part of the World Bank 1993 World Development Report team and has recently become extremely interested in implementing provider payment reform and maximizing engagement of the private health care sector within the context of small island states in the Caribbean.

r-cholurova_150x150Rakhat Cholurova
Dr. Cholurova is Policy and Service Delivery Specialist on the USAID Defeat TB project. She has more than ten years of experience on various aspects of public health issues, including service delivery at PHC level, quality improvement, and integration of vertical programs with public health system. Dr. Cholurova coordinated the pilot project on implementation of full ambulatory model of care in Yssyk-Ata rayon, Kyrgyz Republic, which led to new national strategies and improved service delivery for TB patients.


a-katsaga_150x150Alexandr Katsaga
Mr. Katsaga is a global expert on health policy, financing, and HIS. He has helped develop large-scale country-level health policy strategies and reform, provider payment methods for hospital and PHC services, and provided training programs for various levels of the health care managers. Mr. Katsaga has developed M&E systems for evaluating the effectiveness of provider payment methods and their influence on healthcare providers. He also developed advanced methods of database analysis and visualization of research results for decision-making at various levels of healthcare management. Mr. Katsaga was directly involved in the development of the Kyrgyzstan TB DRG system.

y-terleieva_150x150Yana Terleieva
Dr. Terleieva is Deputy Director of the state institution “Ukrainian Center for Socially Dangerous Disease Control of The Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.  She manages TB treatment in the framework of implementation NFM of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  Her work includes analysis and implementation of national TB programs in Ukraine.


m-v-d-boom_150x150Martin van den Boom
Dr. van den Boom is a Technical Officer in the WHO Regional Office for Europe’s joint TB, HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Programme. He has worked for WHO in different regions across the globe, and has provided technical assistance to more than 40 WHO Member States. His areas of work include TB integration in primary health care, childhood TB, health economics, M/XDR-TB prevention and care, and health systems strengthening.


s-feinstein_150x150Sara Feinstein (Session Chair)
Sara Feinstein is an Associate with Abt Associates based in Bethesda, Maryland. Her experience includes field-based management and headquarter support of health systems strengthening projects, including health finance/strategic purchasing and tuberculosis components. In her current position, Ms. Feinstein oversees the USAID HFG Project’s TB Strategic Purchasing work and backstops USAID
’s Defeat TB project in Kyrgyzstan. She has lived and worked in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, and recently served on the team for the HFG TB Strategic Purchasing assessment in Malawi.

Sevim Ahmedov (Session Chair)sevim_150x150
Dr. Ahmedov is a public health practitioner with over 15 years of programmatic and patient management experience in TB and HIV. Currently, he is a Senior TB Technical Advisor at USAID, where he supports USAID Missions in African and Central Asian countries, and works across technical areas including Infection Prevention and Control, TB/HIV, and TB Prevention. Dr. Ahmedov is also involved in Global Fund partnership activities for the TB team. He began his public health career as a UNAIDS National Country Program Advisor in his native Bulgaria, where he directed the development of a comprehensive national STIs and TB Strategic Plan and Program.

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