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Leading Burundi’s HIV/AIDS Response

Burundi’s National HIV/AIDS Program, Programme de la Lutte Contre le SIDA et les Infections Sexuellement Transmissibles or PNLS was created in 2011 when the Ministries of Public Health and HIV/AIDS were combined. A relatively new organization, PNLS is tasked with leading the long-term implementation the Ministry of Health’s HIV/AIDS programs. But PNLS lacks strong management and organizational capacity, […]

Ghana Reviews Insurance Benefits Package

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has captured the attention of the global health community as one of the most ambitious plans for universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa. For more than a decade, NHIS has offered insurance benefits to thousands of Ghanaians in the formal sector, and covers an estimated 35% of the overall […]

Developing Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills in Botswana

To increase the efficiency and quality of health services, the Government of Botswana has launched an ambitious plan to expand public-private partnerships in the health system. As part of these reforms, the Ministry of Health has started to outsource non-clinical services, including laundry, cleaning, food services, and security, at several major hospitals across the country. […]

Child-Friendly Courtroom Opens in Swaziland

In many parts of the world, violence against children is sad reality. In Swaziland the statistics paint an especially sobering picture. Nearly one in three Swazi girls experiences sexual violence before the age of 18 and one in four suffer physical violence, according to a 2007 UNICEF national study on violence against children in Swaziland. […]

HFG’s Ukraine Team Pilots Groundbreaking HIV Service Integration Model

For the past four months, the HFG Ukraine project has successfully started to pilot a new model of HIV service integration in one northern region of Ukraine, Chernigiv Oblast. The project plans to evaluate the pilot’s cost-effectiveness to support a proposal for a nation-wide scale up of the model. Despite the ongoing political instability since […]

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