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Role of Health Insurance in Strengthening the Financial Protection System in India

JLN Learning Exchange on Strategic Health Purchasing in Decentralized Contexts for Indonesia

Resource Type: Report Authors: The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage Published: April 2017 Resource Description: As countries move toward universal health coverage (UHC), they are faced with the ongoing challenge of generating sufficient resources to provide access to necessary health services with financial protection and ensuring total expenditures are fiscally sustainable. Indonesia’s national health insurance system, […]

Entomological Monitoring, Environmental Compliance, and Vector Control Capacity for the Prevention of Zika and Other Arboviruses: Honduras Assessment Report

In Honduras, the USAID-funded Health Finance and Governance project assessed country capacity to conduct vector control and entomological monitoring of Aedes mosquitoes, the primary vector of the virus. The assessment was conducted from June 29 to July 8, 2016, and sought to appraise current capacities, identify strengths and weaknesses in these capacities, and recommend countermeasures, […]

Building the Organizational Capacity of Health Systems Global: From Start-Up to Performance

Health policy and systems research (HPSR), and health systems in general, have become the subject of intense global interest in recent years. The evidence from increased use of HPSR enhances health program design and implementation, and improves understanding of how to remove bottlenecks and better target domestic or donor investments—especially those focused on Universal Health […]

Manuel de Procedures Administrative, Financiere et Comptable des Unions ou Mutuelles Communales de Sante au Benin

Depuis 1995, se développent au Bénin des mutuelles de santé en réponse aux difficultés d’accès des populations aux soins de santé dues à l’instauration, dans le système, du paiement direct des soins. Ces mutuelles de santé qui fonctionnent sur la base de la solidarité sont portées, pour la plupart, par des bénévoles élus parmi les […]

Building Capacity to Outsource Services: Experiences and Lessons Learned in Botswana’s Public Hospitals

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Heather Cogswell, Elizabeth Ohadi, Mompati Buzwani, Louise Myers, Naz Todini and Carlos Avila Published: April 30, 2015 Resource Description: Since gaining independence in 1966, Botswana has served as an example of development success—experiencing high economic growth and progressing to a middle-income country classification. Throughout this process, the private sector presence in Botswana has remained small while […]

Linen closet at hospital in Botswana before (messy) and after (clean).

Small Management Changes Lead to Big Improvements at Botswana Hospital

Given the fluctuating value of Botswana’s two primary sources of revenue, diamonds and cattle, and the expected decline in donor assistance, the Government of Botswana is actively working to increase efficiencies in its health sector. To save money and maximize its resources, the government designed and implemented outsourcing agreements at seven major hospitals throughout the […]


Ghana Health Insurance Officials Hone Monitoring and Evaluation Skills

Over the past decade, Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has grown from a handful of community-based health insurance schemes into a formal scheme covering over 9.8 million people (more than 35 percent of the population). Despite this success, the NHIS has struggled to establish a robust system of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and to […]

Developing Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills in Botswana

To increase the efficiency and quality of health services, the Government of Botswana has launched an ambitious plan to expand public-private partnerships in the health system. As part of these reforms, the Ministry of Health has started to outsource non-clinical services, including laundry, cleaning, food services, and security, at several major hospitals across the country. […]

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