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Quality of Health Service Consensus Statement

As nations work to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the quality of health care must not be overlooked. Good governance plays a critical role in ensuring and improving health care quality. The Consensus Statement on Strengthening Governance to Improve the Quality of Health Service Delivery (“the Statement”) was conceived […]

Webinar | Making Numbers Count: Choosing the right methodology to estimate health expenditure

Need to track how much a country spends on health but unsure which methodology best meets the country’s needs? During this webinar on health resource tracking, experts from across the globe discuss similarities and differences of various resource tracking methodologies and the factors to consider when selecting a methodology. Panelists: Thomas Mbeeli, Deputy Director of […]

The Health Systems Technical Efficiency Guide

Resource Type: Interactive guidePublished: May 2018 Resource Description: As demand for health care rises, health system stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries are exploring ways to increase domestic resources for health. Using health resources more efficiently is one of the most promising strategies. The Health System Technical Efficiency Guide is an interactive web-based guide to […]

Webcast | Advances in Health Finance & Governance Series: Health Financing Strategies

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project hosted a roundtable a roundtable on Health Financing Strategies at the Washington Learning Center in Arlington, Virginia. This event will focus on Health Financing Strategies, and the launch of the Developing & Implementing Health Financing Strategies learning brief. Speakers: Aye Aye Thwin, Special Advisor, Office of […]

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Costing for Improved Efficiency at the Justinien University Hospital in Haiti

Written by Sydney Taylor and Meredith Klein Dr. Jean Geto Dubé has faced his fair share of financial challenges as executive director of Justinien University Hospital (JUH) in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Standing before the hospital’s department heads in February, he provided a sort of State of the Union of the hospital’s finances. The situation was discouraging: […]

Webcast | Advances in Health Finance & Governance Series: Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health

  On Tuesday, January 16th HFG launched the Advances in Health Finance and Governance series with a roundtable on Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM) at the Washington Learning Center in Arlington, Virginia. Listen as panelists discuss current trends in strategic health purchasing and provide specific examples of strategies underway in Nigeria and Vietnam. This event will […]

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