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Webinar: Defining Institutional Arrangements when Linking Financing to Quality in Health Care

As countries work towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC), maintaining and improving quality of care remains a major priority. Payers are key actors in health governance structures and have powerful tools at their disposal to influence quality. Strengthening the roles and clarifying the responsibilities of the payer(s) and improving their collaboration with other quality stakeholders is […]

Lessons from Implementing Public Financial Management Activities in the Health Sector

Resource Type: Technical Brief Authors: Meera Suresh, Meredith Lathrop, Marty Makinen Published: September 2018 Resource Description: Over the past five years, the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project has supported over 35 countries and programs in their efforts to strengthen public financial management (PFM) systems. Activities have been tailored to address key priorities within a health system […]

What Works in Regulating Private Primary Health Care? New Practical Guidance from Countries

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to equitably improve health outcomes and achieve universal health coverage (UHC). However, to make progress toward UHC, countries recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary services, including essential primary healthcare services, to everyone – and that the private sector is an important source of care. […]

Regulation of Private Primary Health Care

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to achieving universal health care (UHC). As countries work toward UHC, they recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary comprehensive PHC services to cover country populations and that countries need to engage and effectively steward both the public and private health sectors. A critical element […]

Webinar | Regulating Private Health Providers on the Road to Universal Health Coverage

As countries move toward universal health coverage, there’s a growing recognition that the public health sector alone cannot provide all primary health care services necessary to cover everyone. Integrating private health sector into primary care will be critical. But, how can the private health sector be adequately regulated so that it sets standards for, protects […]

Webinar | Making Numbers Count: Streamlining the production of health expenditure data

Struggling with how to track your country’s health spending more efficiently? Listen in on the final webinar in the health resource tracking series to learn about strategies that have been used to streamline the production of health spending data, such as using existing data sources, incorporating questions on health expenditure into routine household surveys, engaging the right stakeholders, […]

WEBINAR | Strategies for Strengthening the Sustainability of the HIV Response in the Caribbean

 On July 3rd, 2018, the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) hosted a webinar on Strategies for Strengthening the Sustainability of the HIV Response in the Caribbean. The webinar was facilitated by HFG’s Eastern and Southern Caribbean Regional Program Manager, Ms. Lisa Tarantino. Lisa and Sarah Insanally, HFG’s Country Manager for Guyana and […]

Strategic Communication for Universal Health Coverage Practical Guide and Planning Tool

The Strategic Communication for Universal Health Coverage Practical Guide and Planning Tool equips UHC and health policy champions and implementers with actionable guidance on how to develop a comprehensive strategic communication plan tailored to different stakeholder groups to achieve a specific UHC objective. Realizing UHC requires deliberate, tailored communication strategies that increase engagement and knowledge, […]

Webinar | Using Strategic Communication to Advance Universal Health Coverage

How can health system practitioners effectively communicate to advance UHC? Realizing UHC will require deliberate, tailored communication strategies that effectively engage and improve knowledge of and create buy-in for change among a diverse group of stakeholders – including political leaders, health care purchasers, providers, patients, suppliers, and civil society groups. Watch as USAID’s Health Finance […]

Governance to Improve the Quality of Health Services: A Research Agenda

Improving the quality of patient-centered health services is at the heart of delivering on the promise of universal health coverage (UHC) and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The WHO’s Framework on integrated people-centered health services  frames five strategies to achieve quality people-centered care, including creating an enabling environment that strives for quality improvement and […]

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